Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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The No. 1 textbook on the market, "Human Resource Management" covers all aspects of human resource management and its impact on both individuals and organizations.
The text builds on a foundation of research and theory but also provides a practical framework focusing on critical issues and successful practices.

Users and reviewers of the text praise its pleasant writing style, user-friendly design, and highly effective examples that provide meaningful insight into the world of HR. In fact, over 500 different organizations from a variety of settings are used as examples to illustrate key points and make the connection to HR practice.

Important issues and critical trends are spotlighted in each chapter and reflected in the comprehensive and chapter ending cases included in the text. "Human Resource Management" balance of theory and practice, hands-on activities, applications, and examples helps students develop the competencies to understand and help their organizations create a sustainable competitive advantage through people.

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1 Human Resources Management in Perspective
a The Challenge of Human Resources Management
b Strategy and Human Resources Planning
2 Meeting Human Resources Requirements
a Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources Management
b Job Analysis, Employee Involvement, and Flexible Work Schedules
3 Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources
a Expanding the Talent Pool: Recruitment and Careers
b Employee Selection
c Training and Development
d Appraising and Improving Performance
4 Implementing Compensation and Security
a Managing Compensation
b Pay-for-Performance: Incentive Rewards
c Employee Benefits
d Safety and Health
5 Expanding Human Resources Management Horizons
a International Human Resources Management
b Creating High-Performance Work Systems
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