Critical Thinking in Clinical Practice: Improving the Quality of Judgments and Decisions, 3e

Critical Thinking in Clinical Practice: Improving the Quality of Judgments and Decisions, 3e

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Now in a third edition, Critical Thinking in Clinical Practice is written for helping professionals who want to think more clearly about the decisions they make and the context in which they make them. It is a practical volume for clinicians who would like to expand their knowledge of common pitfalls and fallacies in clinical reasoning.


As in earlier editions, this Third Edition draws on research related to problem solving and decision making, illustrating the relevance of research findings to everyday clinical practice and policy.


Revised throughout, the new edition includes discussion of:

  • The influence of pharmaceutical companies on the helping professions, including disease mongering—the creation of bogus risks, problems, and needless worries
  • Different kinds of propaganda in the helping professions that compromise informed consent
  • Additional coverage of classification, pathology, reliance on authority, and hazards in data collection
  • The development of decision aids of value to both professionals and clients
  • The relative contribution of specific interventions compared to nonspecific factors to positive outcome
  • Factors related to decision making in multidisciplinary teams
  • New developments regarding intuitive and analytic reasoning
  • The pragmatic theory of fallacies


Designed to enhance the quality of services offered to clients, Critical Thinking in Clinical Practice, Third Edition is filled with insightful examples, useful lists, websites, and guidelines, presenting an essential resource for all helping professionals and students in the helping professions.

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